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Tinly helps make long web addresses shorter. It's free to use. It makes sharing links easier.

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Unlock limitless link shortening potential with our service—no restrictions, no fees, just pure freedom! Shorten as many links as you desire, absolutely free.

Tinly offers the convenience of shortening lengthy links from various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, TikTok, blogs, and websites. Simply paste the long URL and hit the "Shorten URL" button. Once shortened, copy the new URL and share it across different platforms such as websites, chats, and emails. You can also track the number of clicks the shortened URL receives for that you have to register and create your free account.

You can use our shortened URLs in many places like publications, documents, ads, blogs, forums, and messages. Keep track of how many times your link is clicked using our click counter, which helps you understand your business or project's statistics. Read our Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy